Common curiosities

This is basically an FAQs section – we just found the whole FAQ term a bit old, tired and boring. Anyways, reading these answers should tell you a little bit more about what it’s like to work with us.

How do we get started?

Simply start the conversation with House of Max through the site, email or phone. As we chat, we’ll start to discuss what you’re looking for and bounce around a few ideas. Once all is clear we’ll provide you with a quote for the work, free of charge.

How does payment work?

Once you’re happy with a quote, we’ll send you an official invoice. We request 30% of the total cost as an initial deposit so we know you’re not going to do a runner. Once paid, we’ll start to work our magic crafting the perfect solution. Finally, on completion we’ll request the remaining 70%.

I want a website but don’t have a domain or hosting.

We know there’s so many more things you’d rather be doing than worrying about ‘domains’ and ‘hosting’ (even if you are ‘tech-savvy). With this in mind, we’re happy to register domains and have invested in cutting edge solid-state-drive top security hosting / web space. We don’t charge extra for this privelige. We just ask that you cover the costs.

I already have domain and / or hosting.

Not a bother! In this case we’ll develop on our own server until completion. From here we’ll ask for a few details or ask for you to put us in touch with the person in charge of your domain / hosting and oversee the transferring of the site. We generally do this in the dead of night so downtime is at a minimum.