The devil is in the detail!


Not just a pretty face. Your brand represents everything you and your organisation stands for and crafting it is something to be perfected.

A nice logo is only your organisation’s centre piece. The tip of the iceberg or the icing on the cake, both of which couldn’t exist without the strong foundation they’re built upon! We understand that, so our branding work doesn’t just come with a logo and a colour palette but a whole persona. How your brand speaks (tone of voice), how it walks and talks (letterheads, websites, billboards, employer brands).

This really is the only way to ensure that your brand radiates. Delivering that delectable slice of cake that looks great and tastes great. A brand that will not only keep your customers coming back for more but a brand that your people will be proud to be a part of.


Print will never die. There’s nothing more satisfying than flicking through beautifully composed print work that has been lovingly produced.

Contrary to popular and perceived ‘digital age’ belief, printed advertising has shown to be more engaging, form stronger relationships with viewers and reach higher volumes of viewers. For these very reasons printed graphics will remain true. We work meticulously to produce printed work that oozes quality and contains creative content that will engage your audience happily ever after.

Are you after the artwork alone or even digitally-based graphic design? – Although not print, the principles are the same and we can optimise artwork for any digital platform.

Leading nicely on to the final service...


We are digital natives. Amidst the age of information, we are surrounded by the ambient glow of screens in all different shapes and sizes.

As the internet takes a firmer hold of today’s society, digital media becomes more and more integrated into our everyday lives. The endless stream of websites, email campaigns, interactive PDF’s, SEO etc. are simply necessities of being an organisation in this day and age. As Max's granddad said, “technology is amazing these days” and it really is. The power is with the people and interacting digitally with your audience generates all the information you need to satisfy them. So remember, if it is of a digital nature, House of Max are your digital natives.


Ok, so technically we’re not official Google Partners. To be a Google Partner you need to manage accounts that are spending over $10,000 in three months – and because we’re a small agency and AdWords is simply just a part of our offer that’s never going to happen.

Nevertheless, we’ve sat the exams and are officially Google AdWords and Google Analytics certified!

Could you do with our help?