Dominique Hawkins

Building a brand from the bottom with an eCommerce site

North-East based textile designer, Dominique Hawkins produces beautiful botanically and tropical patterns and prints. She was looking to solidify her brand and open up new channels to market. We assisted her in her brand building, product portfolio and built a minimal online store.


The first part of this project was helping Dominique understand her personal brand - we primarily done this through her already established brand mark. We tidied it up for all uses from print to digital (even making a handy little stamp!) and this really drove the direction. Elements and colourways from her work naturally informed the rest of the brand’s identity so that it really became ‘the world of Dominique Hawkins’.

The next challenge came in deciding on the product portfolio. Helping Dominique create a consistent, varied product portfolio was key in ensuring the products could be supplied efficiently and ultimately so the layout and structure of the site would be intuitive and enjoyable for her customers. The minimal look and feel of the store was based ultimately on Dominique’s work being able to express itself without distraction.

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